We sew it with you - for you!

We sew it with you - for you!

Nothing will please man as man man ...
But no, we wanted to say that nothing pleases a person more than clothes that sit like anus on a saber. Well hand on heart!
How much time will it take to find such a thing?
And how long does this thing hold its shape and fit you like cast?
We at TheG know the answers to these questions!

We understand you!
Shopping online is not the easiest. There are even more questions!
Will I be good at S or M?
That L/XL won't be too big?
What if I don't like it, I can return it?
You don't have to ask questions like this! Over the last few years, we have received many reports and based on them we have developed a project where each of you will come to your peace!

Easy and simple!
What is the procedure?
For your new order, just enter your rates in the note. We'll take care of the rest! Just take a tailor's meter and measure your perimeter:

sleeve length
overall length from the shoulders downwards.

Until today, we have tailored only VIP clients. But after much consideration, many questions and requests we have opened this possibility for all. After all, we had the same problems a few years ago as you!

Something can't?
Let's say you don't like anything from our offer ... Okay, know 100 people, 100 tastes! We at TheG can fulfill your designer dreams! We have really clever seams that can turn any sketch into clothes that you don't stop wearing! Do you have a favorite piece at home that is cut perfect, but the color is no longer so vivid? A piece that has a perfect cut, but is it already a little outstretched? The piece that... In our team we do not know "cannot be" and we will gladly start all your ideas!

I want a tailor-made product!

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